1954 Born in Ankara Turkey. Raised in Elazig in eastern Turkey. Age 5 began to play violin. Various "saz" instruments and cumbus performing traditional folk music of East Turkey.

1970 Began university studies at Ankara Science Faculty, transferring later to Munich University.

1971 Introduced to guitar, absorbing both classical and electric guitar techniques, utilizing them to blend with Turkish makams and forms.

1976 Developed fretless guitar, constructed different guitars and experimented with the E-bow, (a magnetic bowing device that can produce a variety of sounds reminiscent of Turkish music.) Without frets, the guitar became capable of producing the complex untempered scales of his beloved folk melodies.

1980 Returned to Istanbul and began studies at the State Conservatory graduating in 1984.

1987 Worked as instructor for the State Conservatory.

1989 Spent one year in America playing in New York, Chicago, Houston, lowa and Wisconsin.

1990 Returned the Turkey With newly developed 8 string fretless guitar.

1991 Began to focus energy on kopuz or "dede baglama", a special member of the saz family.

2000 Since 1991, touring Europe, Asia and the United States, recording his own work, writing and producing film scores, providing studio and live support for Turkish and international musicians in their concerts and recordings.
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