A director attempts to make film about a political refugee who returns to Greece almost forty years after the Civil War. He follows the old man as he sells flowers, and, soon, imagination comes to invade reality and vice-versa. Thus begins the voyage in the landscapes of love, death, imagination and memory. Cythera, both an island and a painting, constitutes a utopia, while the course of the film follows personal experiences, existential anxiety and the traces of the history of the last decades. Everything is changing, with the result that the old refugee feels exiled in his own homeland. Heard over the ashes of past dreams, are the strains of a sad elegy for a lost generation and a lost time, for the crisis in creativity and the essential content of humanism. The film is huge in conception, a reflection on contemporary mythology and reflects Angelopoulos' recognisable style, in spite of his discernible shift from a dialogue with history to an anthropocentric axis. The film won the award for the Best Screenplay and the FIPRESCI International Critics Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

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