a Greek film maker exiled to the United States, returns to his native Ptolemais to attend a special screening of one of his extremely controversial films. But A’s real interest lies elsewhere - the mythical reels of the very first film shot by the Manakia brothers, who at the dawn of the age of cinema, tirelessly criss-crossed the Balkans and, without regard for national and ethnic strife, recorded the region’s history and customs. Did these primitive, never developed images really exist? If so, where are they? From Korita, Albania, to Skoplje, Macedonia, Bucharest to Costanza, Romania, down the Danube to what used to be Yugoslavia, from Belgrade to Sarajevo, A pursues his search for the Manakia brothers’ pictures. Along the way, he encounters his own history, the Balkan past, and women whom he could love. He hopes to find, in these forgotten pictures, the innocence of a virgin gaze.


Cannes Film Festival, 1995: Grand Jury Prize & International Critics Prize

European Film Awards 1995: Felix of the Critics

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