Chronicling the events of the seven days leading up to the murder of Laura Palmer, Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me opens on a grisly scene that foreshadows by a year and one week the tragedy soon to befall the seemingly idyllic town: we spy the body of Teresa Banks as it bobs along the Wind River in Washington. This turn of events leads FBI Bureau Chief Gordon Cole (DAVID LYNCH) to summon Agent Chester Desmond (CHRIS ISAAK) to his Oregon office to confer on the baffling case.

From the time Desmond gets off the plane where he's met by Cole and Cole's peculiar cousin Lil clues to the mysterious case begin to present themselves, often in startling forms and at the most unexpected moments.

Desmond deduces that the malignant current that extinguished Teresa Banks' life has wended its way through the entire community where she lived, including the local police force. Investigating the shabby trailer park Teresa called home, he stumbles across a clue so charged with meaning that its discovery leads to implications beyond the merely magic.

Next on the scene is Agent Dale Cooper (KYLE MACLACHLAN), whose keen intuitive powers are key to cracking a case fraught with perplexing riddles.

While these first-rate investigative minds strive to stem the tide of evil that will claim yet another victim, we follow the activities of Laura Palmer (SHERYL LEE). The physical and emotional extremes Laura has experienced make it impossible for her to lead a normal life.

Moreover, as we become aware of the private doings of Laura's friends and relatives in Twin Peaks, it is evident that the citizens in this town are on a bad trip and Laura is the blondest, baddest trip of all.

A visitation from FBI Agent Phillip Jeffries (DAVID BOWIE), presumed dead when he vanished several years earlier, sheds further light on the conspiracy threatening Laura's life. Warnings of pending disaster become increasingly urgent when a neighbor's gift to Laura reveals the true source of her torment.

As her nightmares invade her real life, Laura's drug use and promiscuity accelerate her life , 's downward spiral. At The Power and the Glory, the infamously wild nightclub on the U.S.-Canadian border, Laura betrays her best friend Donna Hayward (MOIRA KELLY). Determined that she will no longer be the conduit for the evil that has invaded her heart, Laura takes the only escape available to her.

As the story closes, it becomes clear that the voracious dark force has not yet finished with the town of Twin Peaks and that Laura's struggle will continue from another place.

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