There’s an epidemic running rampant in America. Methedrine / Methamphetamine / Meth / Speed. Millions of people, from the golden boys of Wall Street to countless working-class stiffs, to your teenage neighbours are abusing it in astronomical amounts. Meth is the USA’s number one drug of choice. Manufactured in make-shift labs in the backyards of a thousand neighbourhoods coast to coast, it is snorted, smoked, eaten or injected for that unique euphoric sensation of limitless power. Spun is a relentless, twisted and dark trip into the raging heart of America. It is based on the true story of a young speed freak Ross (Jason Schwartzman) introduced by his dealer Spider Mike (John Leguizamo) to the creator of his favourite drug- crystal meth. Through this introduction, Ross falls into the spinning, twirling, brain-bending web of a 3-day run, losing track not only of time, but of morality, of his very being. Can he get them back? Music video wunderkind Jonas Åckerlund’s first feature is a hyperkinetic speedball of drugs, sex and insanity, blasting off where Trainspotting didn’t dare go. With extra fine editing, this hyper energetic pace is maintained throughout the film, and the tripped out scenes are reflected through brilliant traditional animation sequences.

“I edit in VHS because I have been there for 15 years and I refuse to change. I challenge any editor in Avid and we will see who is the fastest.”

Jonas Åkerlund

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