Written and directed by Léos Carax, "The Lovers on the Bridge" stars Academy Award-winner Juliette Binoche in the romantic story of two runaways who meet, live and love on the most beautiful bridge of Paris, the Pont-Neuf. Alex (Denis Lavant) is a free-spirited young man who performs as a fire-eater on the streets and has made his home on the bridge which is closed for repairs.

Michèle (Juliette Binoche) is a beautiful young artist who has taken to the street to escape reality and arrives on the bridge with her sketchbook and a few belongings. Alex falls in love with her and takes her under his protection.

Alex and Michèle love each other beyond all logic, transforming the world around them into a surreal spectacle where anything is possible. During the French Bicentennial celebrations, skyrockets, Roman candles and fireworks of every variety explode and cascade around them as they dance across the bridge in bacchanalian ecstasy of love and liquor. Alex steals a boat and takes Michèle on a delirious tour of the Paris waterways. But soon posters of Michèle appear all over Paris, identifying her as a missing person and Alex fears she will leave him. He makes his mission to destroy every poster, and in desperation to salvage their relationship, he risks everything
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