A poetic film about the decline of a village/symbol and at the same time about the end of a particular historical landscape. An epic human drama about growing old in isolation. A film about loneliness and death.

The village of Beloiannisz was built by the political refugees of the Greek civil war 50 kilometres south of Budapest. By December 1950, 1,800 Greek partisans had settled there.

Today the village is emptying. The former political refugees and their children are returning freely to their homeland after 35 years of forced exile.

The film begins and ends at just this point in time. The protagonists in this story are the inhabitants of the Greek village in Hungary themselves.

  Lefteris Xanthopoulos

Poet and filmmaker. Born in Athens in 1945. He studied law at Athens University and cinema at the London Film School. He published articles on theory and wrote film criticism between 1978-1982. He has made documentaries that have been acclaimed both at home and abroad, best known his trilogy on emigration: The Greek Community in Heidelberg (1976), Jorgos from Sotirianika (1978) and In Athens Today (1982). His other film work includes the shot At Colonus made in 1983, the teleplay The Wedding (1984) and his first feature Happy Homecoming, Comrade, made in 1985. The film won a Special Mention at the 1986 Locarno Film Festival. Master of the Shadows, his second feature was made in 1991

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